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subota, studeni 18, 2006

This is an entertainment blog. So I should put something of that today?  Can I?

In 1991, on a cold November day the Croatian symbol of resistance fell. It was not only war in Vukovar, but Vukovar is the town, which was the leading in suffering for the liberation of Croatia. It is a symbol, which matches the whole state.

Why did it fall to "Yugoslavia"? People of my motherland know it, everybody on his own way.

Of course we are all looking to the future, so this is a day of remembering, not a day of hate.

Unfortunately Vukovar and Croatia are not alone, concerning the responsibility of the world community,  looking local it is Europe, looking global - the UN.

We have the duty to teach our children building a future without wars and conflicts. And we do not have to forget the World, because we are a part of it.

Unfortunately the children suffer the most in every war or conflict.  And there is no really protection for them. Why?

Because we do not have a global "police" who would care, that wars do not happen. We have the UN, but as you will see, we could call them "the University for Nothing".

In fact they present just the interests of different states, and powerful states do not care for people of Croatia, Darfur or Rwanda.

So even the very "democratic" president Bill Clinton, took time for waiting, until nearly a million of people were killed - in Rwanda.

( Here is a photo made in Sarajevo, you can see a young couple of different nations. )

So what can WE do in such a situation? A lot my friend, you from Croatia, and you all from the World.

At first we have to work on ourselves. We have the task to create a culture of peace and understanding, even when we know that our past or actual enemies still act against us.

We have to build bridges with all positive forces of our neighbourhood. Making this we will enforce them to be stronger in their own countries.

After we have done this, we have a lot of "work" with our own politicians.

Why should we allow that someone signs for us, that we send soldiers to places like Iraq? Of course, someone can say, they are going to help to the local people.

But we all know the fact who Saddam is, and who the American president is, and we know the fact that  American soldiers are in a very far away place from USA, and even without the permission of the "famous" UN.

But let me write again some words about a state, which I mentioned in the beginning.

Not only USA knew what people had to expect in a not very interesting state in Africa called Rwanda.

Of course there are many other places not interesting for USA, UN, EU or HR.

But all people are only a part of a global village called - EARTH.

In the name of children we have to act in the best possible way, that we see more sun and less tears in the eyes of these young guys of our only World.

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